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Tetris Effect: Connected has been optimized for the Xbox Series X

Tetris Effect: Connected Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Enhance Games)

Tetris Effect: Connected is officially joining the ranks of games optimized to run on the Xbox Series X

The development team behind Tetris Effect spoke warmly of developing the game for the new console in a discussion with Xbox (opens in new tab), stating that the strength of its hardware allowed for creative freedom and the creation of the kind of game they were really after. Much focus was given to particle effects and the impact that they would have on the visuals of the game. 

Takanori Uchida, technical director at Monstars, said that players would come away from the game and "see a world unlike any Tetris before." Uchida also stated that the Xbox's graphic quality would make it the preeminent platform for the game. "I doubt you’ll be able to play it on anything besides the Xbox Series X," said Uchida of the results. 

The particles in particular will be a big deal according to the development team, as the game relies heavily on particle effects. The quality of the Xbox Series X's framerate and resolution are key to making these particular visual features stand out, according to the team. 

The team also said that players can expect a more comfortable experience with the processing speed of the Series X supporting it. Players can look forward to a truly unique visual experience that will make Tetris Effect: Connected stand out in the Tetris family. With the November 10 release date around the corner for the Series X, fans can look forward to dropping blocks with even more dazzling visuals. 

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Kai Delmare

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