Tetris DS

Nintendo has finally confirmed the existence of Tetris DS, a spruced-up version of the Russian-born puzzle game complete with a special Mario themed mode and touch-screen action. Have a peek at these screens and we think you'll agree it's looking pretty sharp.

The game borders on massively multiplayer, enabling up to 10 players to compete through the Tetris DS Download Play ability, where a single game card can transmit enough of the game to your friend's handheld to run a multiplayer match. Using the WiFi connection you can play two or four-player Tetris DS face-offs.

Tetris remains one of the best puzzle games ever, and so it's important to note that Nintendo isn't messing too much with the formula, and is focusing instead on jazzing up the game's appearance. Expect more details to drop in soon.

Tetris DS will be released for DS on 20 March