Tequila gets out of the kitchen

Saturday 27 January 2007
We've seen plenty of Inspector Tequila leaping about, both barrels blazing in Stranglehold's made-for-a-shootout Hong Kong restaurant and kitchen level, but now we've managed to prise some new shots from publisher Midway's grip that give us a glimpse of the John Woo directed game's museum location.

Move your mouse in dramatic slo-mo style to the images tab above (release some white doves while you're at it for the full effect) to see the entire priceless collection and stay tuned to GamesRadar for further updates on one of the hottest looking titles coming our way in 2007.

Above: Nooooo - not the 14th Century Ming vase! Doesn't look like Tequila will let the museum treasures get in the way of a good blast off