Telltale confirms Sam & Max for Wii

Telltale Games has revealed that the detective duois on its way to Wii.

The title will be a compilation of the downloadable episodes from the first season of Sam %26amp; Max, originally released in 2006. Austrian publisher JoWooD, who previously announced the project in January only for Telltale to then refute it, will be publishing the game.

Telltale games are also working on something for WiiWare, but has denied any connection to Sam %26amp; Max. After all this fuss over Sam %26amp; Max though, we'd have to see screens of an all new game before we'd believe them. Episodes from season two on WiiWare sounds like a sure-fire hit.

In related news, Telltale Games showed off the final episode of season two yesterday,sending us some screens and videos as a teaser.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 4, 2008