Tekken fronts up on PSP

Tekken Dark Resurrection trailer(MOV, 22.1MB)

Wednesday 31 May 2006
Namco has released a new trailer of Tekken: Dark Resurrection, which sees PSP as the latest venue for the Iron Fist tournament.

Out this September, the handheld beat-'em-up will offer the same sophisticated scrapping as the console versions, but for one-on-one action the ad-hoc wireless connectivity will have to be used.

The new trailer features the two new fighters to the series, Lili and Dragunov. Which is all well and good but the huge news is that Armor King is returning. Yes, the mentor of the original King and the character who was killed by vale tudo fighter Craig Marduk is back to wrestle once more. Aces!

Also seen in the trailer is a new game mode called Gold Rush which, in true bullying style, requires you to empty your opponents of money by kicking seven shades out of them. Chaining combos together will result in more coins collected.

There are also some clips of the opening FMV which sees Heihachi tearing himself from the grave. He's not a man who lies down easily.