Tchia puts a tropical twist on Breath of the Wild exploration on PS5 and PS4 this spring

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The gorgeous open-world indie adventure Tchia is finally due to hit PS5 and PS4 in Spring 2023.

The news comes alongside a new PlayStation Blog post and gameplay trailer breaking down what to expect from Tchia. The 'Spring 2023' is a bit more specific than the vague 'early 2023' window we previously had. The game is also due to hit PC as a timed Epic Games Store exclusive.

We've been seeing bits and pieces from Tchia for years now, going back to The Game Awards 2020, and it's been impressive every time we've seen it - in fact, Tchia is one of our most-anticipated games of 2023. Set on a tropical island, Tchia lets you explore the world stamina-limited climbing and gliding abilities that'll immediately remind you of Breath of the Wild, but mixes things up with 'soul-jumping', a power that lets you take control of animals and objects, chaining possessions to careen around the environment.

In one of the brief clips embedded in that PlayStation Blog post, the player tosses a coconut into the air, soul-jumps into as it's shooting into the distance, then fires like a cannonball out of the fruit, gliding while preserving all their momentum. That clip immediately sold me on Tchia.

Tchia is also heavily inspired by New Caledonia, the Pacific island that the game's lead developers call home. The locations of Tchia are all fictional, but New Caledonia's culture and customs have heavily informed their design. The game's characters even speak French and Drehu, two of the languages most commonly spoken there.

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