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Top 7... things we hate about sports games
To be honest, it's mostly that they're sports games, but we humor the topic for the sake of saying words about things (that's what a podcast is).

Dragon Age: Origins
REVIEW: Get ready for high fantasy at its finest

Left 4 Dead 2 - Easter eggs and details
If you were too busy actually enjoying the demo, here are the little touches obscured by the undead horde

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!
VIDEO: See the Punch-Out!! game most of you will never get to play

The first 90 minutes of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
We walk you through the opening act of Nintendo's latest legend

Question of the Week
What was the first CD you ever owned? Why are we asking this? Well, listen to the podcast to find out. And we know when you just skip to the third segment, we can hear you listening.

Contests ending this week

WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2010
The winners have been announced in the third segment of this week's podcast. If you won, be sure to contact theGamesRadarPrizePigvia private message with your name, address, and a reminder of what you won so we don't accidentally send you a copy of Glenn Beck's latest book.

Above: Look at all those games! We're rolling in manmeat...but not for long, because you (by which we mean, some people who might not be you) just won!

In the office

Above: Tyler discovers the consequences of wandering the streets drunk and belligerent on a Monday night

Above: Mikel, Brett, Lizzie, and Cheryll owned the company's Halloween costume contest last week. If you aren't sure what Mikel is, you are uncultured and will now watchItalian Spider-Man

Above: What the hell happened to Brett's car?

Above:Chris Antista, Nintendope as shit, y'all

Above:Worth the time

In the community

Above: Bobbety's rendition of Lizzie Cuevas' worst Halloween costume, and somewhite dude's hands

Above:JoeMasturbaby graced us with this stylish rendition of Mikel "Repairaz." Next we'd like to see "Mik'Al Borland"

Above: AlpineGuy had an essay to do, but rightfully decided to further boost our egos with this finely crafted strip of Tdar confessions. It's all true

Above: TheMonarchillustrated one of Ernest'smany variedaccomplishments

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Post date: November 6, 2009
T-Dar 75 length: 2:38:00
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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