TalkRadar 120 – Fall in, Vegas!

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Thought they were all horrible? Most of them are. But not these beauties

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Who needs new IPs when we’ve got a decade’s worth of untapped potential?

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Hands-on with even more of the great ape's 21st century comeback

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In the office

Above: Picture by Charlie Barratt. “He has no idea what we’re talking about.”

Above: Brett unearths eight abandoned cups of coffee on Tyler’s desk while Wilde's on vacation

Above: Chris spent last weekend meeting his heroes… or creeping up behind them like a deranged stalker

In the community

Above: CHROS ONTOSTA! By Aeshir

Above: batman5273 shows us what really happened at DisneyLand

Above: Or maybe this is what happened…

Above: Enlargedhousecats sums up our Halo: Reach reader match

Above: Extremely regrettable game purchase CHECK

Post date:September 24,2010
T-Dar120 length: 2:33:28
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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