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The Taken King's Crucible maps will be free for all Destiny players next week

Got Destiny (opens in new tab) and fancy a trial of The Taken King (opens in new tab)? Well happy Friday, Bungie has announced the Crucible Preview Event which kicks off on September 8th for all Destiny players. This will include every new PVP map but not the new Super abilities which will have be earned within The Taken King itself.

The event will run for 6 days until September 14th and offers up two of the new modes that will be available in The Taken King's Crucible. After that date you'll need to buy the expansion to keep playing. "Once Oryx arrives in our Solar System, the new Crucible content will become the sole property of those Guardians who pick up and continue playing The Taken King," explains the announcement on (opens in new tab). "This is your chance to try before you buy – or download. Think of it as your own personal E3 or Gamescom, only it happens at home on your couch."

The announcement also confirms that update 2.0 will be changing the way we play Destiny from September 8th. That's a week before the launch of The Taken King. Just as a reminder, amongst a slew of other updates, this takes the level cap up to 34 for all players and 40 for The Taken King and will let you level up with XP alone (none of that pesky Light). You can see how the new system works in our Destiny: The Taken King Light levelling guide (opens in new tab).

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