Take The Sims 2 out with Nightlife

Day follows night, tick follows tock and contrived blubbing follows an Oscar win. Sometimes life can be gloriously predictable, just like that last 'joke'.

But no one could have possibly predicted that the PC title, would be set for another expansion pack, unless you remember Hot Date, House Party, Livin' Large, Makin' Magic...

With only just released in the US and still yet to hit the shelves over here, some people might think that it is a little early to announce a follow-up, but EA have actually gone one better - confirmation of The Sims 2's new expansion pack, Nightlife, actually arrives inside the box for the freshly unwrapped University.

At the moment any details of the game are as vague as getting directions from Boris Johnson but, according to the box blurb, your little computer people will be able to spend their evenings in clubs or enjoying a fine romantic meal.

While the US version of the game is set to be unleashed in the autumn, at the moment there is no UK date.

The Sims 2 University will be released for PC on 11 March