Tabula Rasa - three new videos

Sept 14, 2007

Famed game designer and space travel enthusiast, Richard Garriott sure makes a good case for his latest sci-fi MMO, Tabula Rasa. It's promising all the sorts of things we'd like to see changed in the stagnant genre. Like Garriott, we're tired of the typical whack-a-mole combat, class systems that lock you into choices you made without even playing the game, and forgettable plot points.

Tabula Rasa seems ready to address these issues with its semi-shooter combat system, flexible class creation and character cloning features, and its rich sci-fi setting. But will Tabula Rasa be the clean slate for MMOs it's being hyped as, or will it just wind up feeling like World of Warcraft with space marines?

Although we had a blast shooting up the Bane in the closed beta, we still found ourselves grinding for experience and clicking past quest texts without reading them. Maybe we've been too heavily conditioned to take this approach to playing MMOs.

Watch the videos below, check out ourpreview, and decide for yourself before the game ships on October 19.