SWAT: Target Liberty

As with Killzone: Liberation, this door-breaching monster is being twisted into isometric 3D, enabling you to see the fuller picture in widescreen on your PSP. This works amazingly well. Your squad will take orders and prep a door for entry in a realistic way. Uniquely, you can opt to complete a mission using non-violent force and in doing so ensure that SWAT maintains an air of realism our boy Kurt will leer at. If you want, you can go in all guns blazing, but the soft approach is tougher to achieve - so diehard shooter fans will aim for this target. And be warned, you will incur penalty points for needless deaths and in the process stunt your team's development. More points are awarded from clean takedowns and these are used to boost your squad's stats.

The single-player missions will use the same layout each time you replay, with the same office corridors to plan your route through; however the enemy placement will be randomly generated to ensure that no game is ever the same. The missions can be played in four-player co-op too, and in this mode, both the maps and the enemies will be random courtesy of "the killhouse."

The more we look over SWAT on PSP the more excited we get. If this can match Killzone for thrills and add in some tactical know-how, then we could have a sharpshooter on our hands - but then this is the publisher that gave us 50 Cent: Bulletproof. Let's hope Kurt lives up to the image we've dreamt of.

Ian Dean

Imagine FX and Creative Bloq editor Ian Dean is an expert on all things digital arts. Formerly the editor of Official PlayStation Magazine, PLAY Magazine, 3D World, XMB, X360, and PlayStation World, he’s no stranger to gaming, either. He’ll happily debate you for hours over the virtues of Days Gone, then settle the argument on the pitch over a game of PES (pausing frequently while he cooks a roast dinner in the background). Just don’t call it eFootball, or it might bring tears to his eyes for the ISS glory days on PS1.