SWAT: Target Liberty

There's a nuke somewhere in New York and only hot shot renegade SWAT leader Kurt Wolfe and his team of equally loose cannon cops can save the city. If this were a movie it would feature lots of sunsets, panning shots of the New York skyline and endless images of Kurt sweating.

We like Kurt; he means business and is prepared to break the rules to get the job done. Or at least we imagine he is, after all SWAT: Target Liberty is being written by Scott Rosenbaum, the guy behind The Shield's loose law breaking.

So, for arguments sake, Kurt is on the edge and he's leading his team of crack SWAT cops over it. This is good news for us gun-heads as it means we're in for an all-action shooter. The better news is that SWAT is being designed for PSP from the ground up, and for once we believe the developer. SWAT is being touted as the PSP's first true tactical squad shooter, though Killzone: Liberation touched on aspects of this that were criminally underused.