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Surgeon Simulator 2 is free for all NHS workers until October 22

(Image credit: Bossa Studios)

Bossa Studios has announced it's giving away free copies of Surgeon Simulator 2 to all NHS workers until October 22.

NHS workers can claim their free copy of Surgeon Simulator 2 for PC by heading to (opens in new tab). "The Surgeon Simulator 2 community is frankly rubbish at saving Bob, so we think our players need to be shown how it's really done," writes Bossa Studios CEO Henrique Olifiers in a press release.

If you're unfamiliar with Surgeon Simulator, the original game released as a comedy physics game in 2013, tasking players to successfully operate on a patient called Bob without killing them (if all goes to plan, which it rarely does). Surgeon Simulator 2 launched earlier this year, bringing online multiplayer to the chaotic fold.

"Surgeon Simulator 2 is absolutely NOT a viable medical training tool," adds actual doctor Idris Morgan. The doctor runs a YouTube channel under the 'Doctor Mim' handle, where he attempts to play Surgeon Simulator 2 to disastrous effect (opens in new tab).

But that's not all! On October 15, Bossa Studios will be sponsoring a Surgeon Simulator 2 speedrunning event (opens in new tab) in partnership with North Lincolnshire NHS Trust, where teams of trained medical professionals will compete to undertake a heart transplant as quickly as possible. The event will be raising money to improve MRI facilities.

Hopefully we'll get some whacky player-made levels from NHS workers. Bossa Studios is still running its community spotlight event for the Creation mode, where the top few player creations for Surgeon Simulator 2 can win a total of $1,000 USD each month.

If you're on the lookout for other weirdly wonderful simulation games, you can head over to our list of the 10 weirdest simulation games.

Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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