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Supreme Court video game trial makes way more sense in Taiwanese animation

You may think you know the how the US Supreme Court's ruling against the banning of violent video game sales to minors in California played out, but according to this animated recreation of the landmark trial from the Taiwanese reporting outlet NMATV, you'd be wrong. See now what the western media didn't want you to see – gun-toting judges and all – in this eye-opening account of what really went down behind the closed doors of American justice:

NMATV hasattracted a respectible international following for its CGI interpretations of major news events. Its earlier worksinclude a dramatic retelling of theTiger Woodssaga, andan unflinching portrayal of theConan O'Brien and Jay Leno late night debacle. Just think: if not for NMA, the western world would have never have known Conan once Hulked-out and punched the crap out of NBC's top dog. I wonder what else we're not being told...

Jun 29, 2011

[Source:via Joystiq]