Supreme Commander - Strategy Boot Camp, Day Two

Welcome back to your Supreme Commander training, recruit. Your time with us is nearly complete. Before you can graduate from our little strategic academy, however, you’ll need to master these last three pieces of advice and learn how to fight your way out of the three most frequently faced dangerous battlefield scenarios by Supreme Commanders around the universe. Let’s proceed, shall we?

Should I use the big gun or the even bigger gun?

It's obvious, but critical: familiarity with your particular faction's arsenal of units is, similar to any RTS game, critical to your success. If your opponent is raking your coastline with a barrage of heavy guns from his advanced battleships, you'll need to build the most effective counter to that threat as quickly as possible. Bringing the wrong weapons platform to bear at a crucial time could be disastrous. Learn each unit’s strengths and weaknesses and you’ll be that much more prepared for the battles ahead.

Think massive!
Our inside source at Gas Powered Games has told us that the number one mistake that intermediate players make is that they always think their base is "big enough." It's NEVER big enough.

This is warfare on a huge scale and on most maps you'll need every bit of manpower you can muster. This means building more factories and producing more units than you originally thought you'd need. Don't show up to the gunfight with a pea-shooter while everyone else is dual-wielding bazookas. You've heard the phrase, "divide and conquer?" In SupCom, it's "multiply and conquer."