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Superspy Sterling Archer reviews James Bond movies while a little bit drunk

To say Sterling Archer's character is inspired by James Bond would be putting it very lightly. Presumably that's why Entertainment Weekly brought the semi-suave spy on to review every James Bond movie, complete with voice actor H. Jon Benjamin and that distinct semi-3D-cartoon animation. But if you think the lead character and namesake of FX's animated spy comedy would show the proper deference toward his predecessor, well, you must not watch the show.

Ok, Archer may have skipped a dozen-odd Bond films there, but in his defense, he was a little bit drunk at the time. You can read the rest of his reviews - where he rightly takes issue with Sean Connery's heinousJapanese fisherman disguise in You Only Live Twice - on Entertainment Weekly. Archer's seventh season will premiere on March 31 on FX.

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Image: FX

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