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Super Street Fighter IV review

10 new characters, four new modes and hundreds of hours lost in 2010's best fighting game


  • Substantial new content
  • Community-minded multiplayer modes
  • Upcoming tournament DLC will rock


  • It's an evolution
  • not a revolution
  • Nothing to win you over if you're a holdout
  • Sagat's still a top-tier powerhouse

Just over a year ago our own Dave Houghton gave Street Fighter IV aglowing 10/10, an entirely deserved score for a game that breathed new life not just into the franchise, but an entire dormant genre. This perfect reinvention of Capcom’s most beloved property was a huge hit with critics, casual players and the all-important tournament tweakers that keep the fighting engine churning.

It was such a success that Capcom’s even fallen back into its revisionist ways and prepared a heavily remixed version with 10 new characters, brilliant new online modes and rebalanced gameplay, all for the bargain price of $40. With more content at a lesser price, there’s nothing for us to do but give Super SFIV another stellar recommendation and urge you, whether you have the original or not, to dive in and get addicted all over again.

Above: More depth than the biggest open world you can find

It takes only minutes to learn how to throw fireballs and whip out dizzying Ultra Combos. Even if you barely understand the concepts, it’s still fun to pick characters at random and pass the controller around the room, pumping your fist in the air with each victory and yelling in disbelief at each loss. Conversely, it takes weeks (if not months) to master any one character in a game with 35 uniquely balanced fighters, effectively creating a game that’s as deep as you want to be, and just as fun no matter how much time you invest.

Above: Fun with or without perfectly executed Super Combos and EX moves

On the other hand, the 10 new fighters make an already robust fighting experience even richer, especially if you’re an online player itching for new matchups. In a way, fully understanding each SF character is its own playthrough of a typical game, accounting for at least 20 hours of gameplay to become proficient. So, with even with just 10 new characters, fully exploring them all could take a whole lotta time.

Above: Potentially 700 hours of distinct gameplay

But let’s be honest – no one’s going to master every single character. It’s just comforting to know that each time you pick a new fighter, the whole experience, every counter, feint, EX special and Ultra Combo will be drastically different if you take the time to learn the details. But again, don’t be intimidated – Street Fighter is as demanding as you want it to be, nothing more.

We’ll get into the other differences on the next page, including the Replay Channel, Bonus Stages and a look at the new fighters.

More Info

DescriptionIn this age of DLC and $2.00 costume unlocks, this upcoming Street Fighter IV update is fittingly old school, as it comes packaged as a whole new game with new features and characters included.
Franchise nameStreet Fighter
UK franchise nameStreet Fighter
PlatformXbox 360, 3DS, PS3
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor ratingRating Pending
Release date27 April 2010 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)