Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new tournament doesn't mess around

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Nintendo has announced its newest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, titled 'The Road to Becoming Fighting King,' and it'll run for three days starting Friday.

If you plan on competing, you best start training, as this one matches up fighters in strictly one-on-one stamina fights in Omega levels, meaning there's nowhere to hide if you're outmatched. The reveal happened during Wednesday's Terry Bogard livestream, hosted by Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai. 

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Stamina mode is what stands out to me most about this new tournament, as it's not seen nearly as much as Time and Stock modes. It's unclear whether it'll be layered with a time limit or lives, but it's sure to make for some gripping matches, whether you're playing or watching. Combined with the intensity of the one-on-one structure and exclusively Ω-form maps, this isn't a tournament for the casual Smash Bros. player - this is the one to decide who's the "fighting King."

The graphic posted alongside the announcement features the latest DLC fighter, Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard, along with Little Mac, Kirby, and Ryu each looking primed for battle. The three boxer-types make sense, but I didn't expect to see Kirby, who seems to have just inhaled Terry Bogard. Regardless, it's refreshing to see Nintendo do something different, and it'll give competitive Smash Bros. Ultimate players the chance to test their skills against each other in balanced competition.

It wouldn't be surprising to see Super Smash Bros. Ultimate get discounted for Black Friday - just be sure to keep an eye on GamesRadar's guide to the best Black Friday game deals. 

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