Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director hides figures of unannounced characters in a locked drawer

Pyra and Mythra in Super Smash Bros Ultimate
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that he has figures of unannounced characters coming to the fighting game in his office, but he has to hide them in a locked drawer. 

Earlier today, Sakurai gave a new presentation focusing on Pyra and Mythra, two characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that will debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later today. Near the end of the presentation, the director revealed that he has a lot of figures of characters appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in his office, but he has to hide the figures of unannounced fighters in a locked drawer.

"I have lots of figures at my desk in the office," Sakurai commented, while the camera panned over a horde of figurines. "I actually hide figures of unreleased fighters in a locked drawer. Not that we can go into the office right now," the director continued, as the camera returned to Sakurai's broadcasting setup taking place in his home in Tokyo. With rampant speculation in online forums surrounding fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seemingly never ending, it's no wonder Sakurai likes to take these little extra precautions.

The presentation earlier today aired from Sakurai's home, which isn't the first time the director has had to improvise and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic spreading through Japan. At the very beginning, Sakurai spoke about the situation in his home country, and how various States of Emergency have been declared in cities like Tokyo, while the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the country.

Here's hoping the development team behind Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are coping well with lockdown life in Japan. As for now though, we'll get to experience the latest of their creations in just a few hours, when Pyra and Mythra arrive from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2.

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