Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Feature comforts

If online fights weren’t enough, Nintendo have crammed in all manner of modes and features designed to lengthen the lifespan. There’s nothing to match the complexity of Halo 3’s Forge, but for the technologically more humble Wii, this is an impressive effort.

A full stage-building tool is included, allowing you to slot together all manner of twisted architecture and death traps. Go create your own arena! You can send stages to friends or to Nintendo, who’ll pick a good one every day to send to your Wii. One new stage a day? Bargain.

Just performed the finest smashery of your career? The game records up to three minutes of replayable match footage- send it to pals and boast. You can even choose to watch streamed match footage over Wi-Fi and place bets on the outcome. Two to one says Peach dies horribly.

Need assistance?

A bit like Poké-balls in past Smash Bros., assist trophies unleash a classic character into the arena who’ll help you put the boot into rivals.