Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz - multiplayer hands-on

The yacht racing game manages to throw some weird controls at you while still making a bit of sense. One hand controls the sail, which you want to position for maximum efficiency, while the other hand is waved to generate gusts of air. It's all about holding your sail in the direction you want to go while avoiding sharks, buoys and other racers - a little complicated, but hardly a problem.

The last game in our video has us flying birds through rings in a canyon. Flapping the remotes up and down makes you fly, but you have to use both hands to soar left or right. It feels like piloting a tiny, slightly chuggy biplane. Oh, and player two is once again looking at the wrong screen.

Three other games in our series were tightrope walking, a slingshot shooting gallery and a shameful home run derby. Out of 40 swings, 37 were strikes - we're not sure if it's just a sloppy game or if perhaps our American heritage is questionable - luckily, a solid game of Monkey Darts put us back on the map. We're not about to say that a bit of virtual dart throwing is gonna sell consoles, but if you can make it through a round without shouting or gloating, then you're made of stone. Solid, unemotional stone.

For more on the single-player aspect of Banana Blitz, headhere, and of course, check out themovie to see these minigames in action.