Super Mario Maker 2 adds 'Play With Friends' mode in beefy new update

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo is announcing the release of the latest Super Mario Maker 2 update, and it brings the Play With Friends mode, which allows you to finally play with friends in both co-op and versus online modes. Update 1.1.0 adds a number of additional new features, including voice chat support via the Switch Online mobile app and the ability to choose courses uploaded to Course World as well as those saved to Coursebot.

In the past, if you wanted to play online with people you've added to your Friends list, you needed to actually be within the same physical proximity, which sort of isn't acceptable in 2019. Fortunately, Nintendo was quick to add the feature.

Super Mario Maker 2 update 1.1.0 also enhances Nearby Play mode with new features, including the option to choose from courses uploaded to Course World and courses saved to Coursebot. Further, Nearby Play won't require you to be connected to the internet when playing a course saved to Coursebot.

There's also an Official Makers list now, which will include courses made by Nintendo. Other minor tweaks mostly improve quality-of-life, like a new feature where you can access Play Together mode directly from any course you've uploaded to your profile, Also, profiles have been updated to display more info, like a user’s total number of First Clears. Finally, you can now play Super Mario Maker 2 with a horizontal Joy-Con controller in all modes.

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