Sunday Link-A-Mania

Morning folks. It's pretty grey and rain-soaked here, but out there in the 'verse it's all shiny. Join us with a quick look at these few distractions...

Joss Whedon's Verse
A group called Firefly Ship Works are building a screen-accurate Firefly Series 3 model (the Serenity Artisan Replica) and meanwhile they've gone and put together a map of how The Verse from Firefly and Serenity fits together.

This map of the Verse covers multiple star systems and you can buy a large colour version for $35 if you're lucky enough to be reading this from the Creation Serenity Convention in the US this weekend. By the way, you can read more about Joss Whedon's latest TV project, Dollhouse, in issue 178 of SFX.
[Thanks to SF Signal ]

Talking Twilight
The Twilight movie - adapted from the vampire novels of Stephenie Meyer - was released in the US yesterday and while it's been enormously popular with the dedicated fans, io9 rounds up responses from those less convinced about the phenomenon. Here on SFX we won't mock other people's fandom (much) but the comments from Twilight star Robert Pattinson about the attendees' screams ("like the sound you hear at the gates of hell"), about the character he plays ("he's the most ridiculous person") and about the original author Meyer ("completely mad") gave us some amusement. Click here to visit io9 . Don't forget, folks, that we have an interview with Pattinson himself in issue 178, on sale in December.

Battlestar Galactica Trailers
And talking of io9, they also have handy links to the two trailers for new Battlestar Galactica . A Canadian TV channel broadcast one recently that includes a lot of kissing. Meanwhile the second, which aired on SCI FI the other day, is only a 10-second teaser. The new season (or technically the end of the last season? Season "4.5" or whatever) is due to hit US televisions on 16 January 2009. Don't forget we interviewed Jamie "Apollo" Bamber about it online here . Are you looking forward to the Battlestar finale? How do you think it's going to end? Let us know in the comment thread below.

Build An Incredibot
And finally... SF Signal also points us in the direction of Incredibots , a fun online game based on the Box2D Physics Engine. Build robots from a series of animated components, and see how well they negotiate the side-scrolling 2D environment. They obey the laws of physics so you'll need to position wheels and pistons correctly. Surprisingly compelling.

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See you next time...

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