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Sudden Strike 3 continues the fight with free content

Sudden Strike 3 developer Fireglow is slaving away on a free content add-on for its WWII RTS.

The add-on will include three single-player missions, two multiplayer missions and a map editor, it's said.

A date's not been set for the add-on's release yet, but Fireglow's explained that two of the single-player missions form a campaign "in which [the] player will fight on a German side against USSR forces at summer 1942."

In the third single-player mission, players "take command of an Allied force in [the] Ardennes at autumn 1944 and will try to stop [the] German invasion."

Meanwhile, one of the new multiplayer missions is designed for four players, the second for six.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 8, 2008