Suda 51, Yasumi Matsuno, the Seaman creator, and a Japanese comedian team up for Guild 01 on 3DS

Yasumi Matsuno, creator of the Ogre Battle series and co-producer for Final Fantasy XII, has revealed the details of Level-5's compilation title for the 3DS, which is set to showcase works from some of Japan's most high profile game makers. The game, Called Guild 01, will include four separate games designed by Goichi “Suda 51” Suda (Killer 7, No More Heroes), Yoot Saito (Dreamcast's Seaman), Matsuno himself, and Yoshiyuki Hirai from the popular Japanese comedy troupe America Zarigani.

The game will be handled by Level-5, Matsuno's new home base which he joined back in June. No word if the title will make its way west, however more details about Guild 01 and other upcoming projects will be announced at the Level 5 Vision press event this Saturday.

Is this a game you'd like to see shopped outside of Japan?

Oct 13, 2011

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