Successful launch

Nintendo's Revolution console will launch with around 20 games and will be cheaper than Xbox 360 - that's the latest news from around the Nintendo campfire according to company bigwig George Harrison.

Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, has indicated that Revolution will probably have around 20 games available when the console launches and that "maybe a third" of those will be in-house Nintendo creations.

The Nintendo VP also assured that there would be a steady stream of fresh titles post-launch and that Revolution wouldn't suffer from the same shortage of new releases as its predecessor GameCube.

Above: Nintendo's next console, still known as Revolution, should launch with a hefty supply of software.

In terms of how much Revolution will cost, Harrison points to Microsoft's next-gen machine for comparison, saying that Nintendo's aim is to offer its machine "at a slightly more mass-market price" than Xbox 360. This suggests that Revolution will come in at under $400, which is the current cost of an HD-ready, hard-drive totin' Xbox 360.

Harrison also spoke briefly about Revolution's Virtual Console service, saying that Nintendo is still considering download fees and other possibilities for the system, admitting that the company has been closely watching Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

Nintendo has already promised that this year's E3, which kicks off next month, will reveal all there is to know about its new machine.

April 11, 2006

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