Strike Suit Zero gameplay - QuickPlay

Strike Suit Zero is a fast-paced space combat title that will have you dogfighting enemy ships in a transforming mech. Mankind is knee-deep in a civil war, and it is up to you to defend Earth from utter destruction over the course of thirteen missions. Each mission has multiple objectives, including more difficult secondary goals, that could impact the state of Earth. Meaning, if you miss an objective, you might find that New York City gets completely decimated further down the line. We got a chance to try out the game with some of the developers from Born Ready Games, and they get into the game's nitty-gritty details in the video below. Check it out:

We had a blast playing through the early missions of Strike Suit Zero. It seems that completing a level and achieving a high score is strongly reliant on how well you manage your Flux resource. Flux allows you to transform from flight mode to a powerful mech, which allows you to lock-on to groups of enemies and score massive point bonuses. Each of those kills also recharges your Flux meter, so transforming immediately becomes a bloodthirsty frenzy to get as many kills in the shortest amount of time possible. Naturally, once you finish a mission, the resulting mission rating challenges you to retry for a better score. Add in the optional secondary objectives and experimentation with the unlockable weapons upgrades, and it looks like Strike Suit Zero has plenty to satisfy your space-mech cravings.

Strike Suit Zero will be releasing on PC this fall and on XBLA and PSN early 2013.

Lorenzo Veloria

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