Stream audio and video from your Android phone to your PS3, 360

Having music and videos on your phone is nice 'n all, but many users are looking for ways to access their content on other devices. Thanks to AirSync, yes, there's an (Android) app for that.

If you have a ton of songs purchased from Amazon on your Android phone and want to do more with them than just play them through your phone's built-in speakers, head to the Android Market to nab the DoubleTwist AirSync app.

The app previously allowed users to stream multimedia content over a wireless connection to a local computer, using the universal DLNA standard, but a new update gives it even more functionality - specifically, it adds connectivity with the Xbox 360's and PS3's built-in DLNA protocol.

Simply set up your game console's DLNA connection via the DoubleTwist app, and your Android phone will show up as a source of media content on the console. This is all accessible in the app's "AirTwist" feature.

Any phone with Android 1.6 or later is capable of running the app, and any Xbox 360 or PS3 with current firmware should work.

[Source: Phone Scoop]

Feb 16, 2011