Stranglehold tea party

Monday 16 October 2006
Arriving fashionably late from August's Leipzig Game Convention, there's a whole seven minutes of Stranglehold gameplay waiting for you in the movies tab above - demonstrating a run-and-gun-through of the Tea House level.

While the developer commentary is a little dry - we ask you, how can a man sound so unenthused when he's just slow-mo shot some poor thug in the family jewels? - the action speaks for itself, with the restaurant left looking like a war zone by the time Inspector Tequila is done.

Above: Jogging around is so un-John Woo: Tequila's more comfortable jumping, diving, rolling and vaulting everywhere

Stranglehold cares more about making you look like a colossal badass than making you sweat out learning complicated controls, so it's not just the developer's familiarity with the game that makes it flow so smoothly. It's as much a do-it-yourself John Woo movie as arcade gunfighter - and we're pretty sure we'll never get tired of coming up with new takes when it arrives next year.