Devolver Digital launches '80s-themed horror game Stories Untold on PS4 and Xbox One

There's a brand new horror game on PS4 and Xbox One: the once PC-exclusive Stories Untold. First launched on PC in 2017, Stories Untold went mobile with a Switch release in January. Now you can get it for about $10 on PS4 or Xbox One, and it comes with a remastered version of the first episode.

Just in time for Halloween, the '80s-themed "narrative-driven experimental adventure game" is a mash-up of different genres separated into four distinct episodes. The House Abandon is a text-based experience where you select from a list of prompts to investigate strange occurrences at the protagonist's family's holiday home. You can see some of The House Abandon playing out in the trailer up top.

The Lab Conduct tasks you with performing various experiments on a mysterious artifact, The Station Process is a puzzler where you use a radio and microfilm reader to decipher codes for radio frequencies, and The Last Session ties together the events of each episode into one cohesive, and rather unexpected, story. When the game hit Switch earlier in the year, GamesRadar's Connor Sheridan noted how "it goes to some odd and memorable places (both literally and metaphorically)."

As expected, the PS4 and Xbox One ports of Stories Untold features the same updated interface as the Switch version, which (thank god) means you don't have to deal with some clunky on-screen keyboard.

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Jordan Gerblick

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