Steven Spielberg's Bullitt movie gets exciting update: "It'll be wildly entertaining"

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If you have been awaiting updates on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Bullitt project, then we have good news for you. During the press tour for Netflix’s Leonard Bernstein biographical drama Maestro, one of Spielberg’s producing partners Kristie Macosko Krieger gave us the latest on the movie. 

Speaking to GamesRadar+, she explains that not only is it currently in the works, but also promises that the film will be rather exciting, saying: "I’m producing it. Steven [Spielberg] and Josh Singer, who is writing the script, they are working on the story. I hope we have a script soon as the writers’ strike put us behind a bit. But they are working on it – I couldn’t tell you if it's the next movie we are making as I don’t know at this point. I think that it will be a wildly entertaining film." That’s already high praise indeed.


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Described as being a reimagining rather than a remake, the movie will see Bradley Cooper step into the shoes of no-nonsense cop Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, who was famously played by the great Steve McQueen in the 1968 Peter Yates film. It will be the second time Cooper and Spielberg have teamed up, as the pair worked closely together on Maestro, which is hitting Netflix this week.

Whilst that production was originally intended to be directed by Spielberg, that changed when the filmmaker was blown away by Cooper’s directorial debut A Star is Born, handing the reins over to him. Not only did Cooper portray Bernstein then, but he directed Maestro too, with Spielberg staying on as producer alongside Macosko Krieger.

Interestingly Singer, who is penning the upcoming Bullitt movie, was also a writer on Maestro, so it really will be a big, creative reunion. Keep those eyes peeled.

Maestro is currently showing in select cinemas, ahead of its release on Netflix on 20th December. For more from our interviews, read the Maestro producer's response to the controversy over Carey Mulligan's casting.

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