Stargate Atlantis 4.01 Adrfit review

Original US airdate: 28/9/2007

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Written by: Martin Gero

Directed by: Martin Wood


The One Where: McKay struggles to keep the city’s shields from collapsing long enough for him to pinpoint their position and come up with a plan. Keller battles to save Weir’s life and succeeds when McKay reprograms, then reactivates, her Nanites. McKay finally discovers where they are, and that there’s a planet nearby with plenty of ZPMs: the Asuran homeworld!

Verdict: I hate it when season premieres, which ought to resolve cliffhangers, end on cliffhangers. All the same, this is a pleasantly tense season opener that sets up some interesting developments. Plenty of strong performances too, notably from Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett, and the special effects are great.

Nitpick: When Sheppard and Zelenka go to fix the hyperspace array, they can hear micro-asteroids. They shouldn’t hear anything.

It’s Wossisname! Yee Jee Tso, playing a systems tech, played a techinican in SG-1 episode “Absolute Power”. Okay, that’s weak. I just want to mention him cos he’s cute.

Trivia: The Coles Notes mentioned by McKay are the Canadian precursor to the better-known CliffsNotes.

Did You Spot? The labels on the front of Zelenka’s space suit are printed backwards. This is because astronauts can’t bend down and have to read them in a mirror.

Best Line:
McKay: "It’s complicated. Look, imagine them as leaky pipes, okay?"
Sheppard: "Okay."
McKay: "So you pump water through them, they leak, right?"
Sheppard: "Dumb this down any more, you’re gonna get hit."

Leah Holmes

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