Stardew Valley meets Breath of the Wild in this newly resurfaced open-world life-sim

The ambitious 'Stardew Valley meets Breath of the Wild' life simulator MeetLight and the Secrets of the Universe has resurfaced now that it's Kickstarter campaign is live.

Look, I know there are at least a hundred quintillion Stardew-like games already available right now, but MeetLight really does look like it could be special, combining some of the best elements from several hugely popular games across a variety of genres. 

The game's brand new Kickstarter page says MeetLight marries Stardew's gameplay with Breath of the Wild's exploration and visual style, as well as Ori and the Blind Forest's "spiritual story and poetic ambiance", the Ghibli anime movie My Neighbor Totoro's "narrative style and atmosphere", and My Time at Portia's crafting and housing mechanics. We've also compared it to Valheim in the past due to its similar-looking crafting system.

There's also a new MeetLight trailer that shows how some of its inspirations come together, hopefully to form a cohesive whole. For example, you can see the player character planting seeds and growing vegetables in a garden, chopping down trees for wood and building a house, crafting tools, riding around on a horse, solving a puzzle to access an item, and gliding through the air Breath of the Wild-style.

The story involves a young woman named Anna who's just inherited a farm from her great uncle. The story might sound overly familiar at first, but there's a whole spiritual side to things involving Anna's clairvoyant abilities, which stem from the tragic loss of her spouse. So, by day you're doing typical life-sim type stuff like gathering materials and building stuff and cooking recipes, and then at night you enter the spirit world, where you'll meet fantastical creatures and unravel the titular secrets of the universe.

MeetLight is due out on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in 2023.

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Jordan Gerblick

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