Star Wars Uprising follows the fall of the Empire on mobile

The Emperor has fallen, but the Galactic Empire isn't the kind of evil regime that throws up its hands and says, "You got me!" That's where Star Wars Uprising comes in, following a band of underdogs waging a guerilla war against their distressingly-still-there Imperial oppressors, while spreading word of the Rebel Alliance's victory at Endor.

In other words, Uprising is one of the first new-canon-approved projects to tell a Star Wars story in the space between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and it's not a book or a spin-off film - it's a mobile game.

Star Wars Uprising will let you "learn hundreds of abilities and collect iconic Star Wars gear to create their own takes on the next generation of heroes," whether that means creating an off-brand Boba Fett or your own concept for a galactic rabble-rouser.

You'll be able to recruit allies and team up with friends for real-time co-op missions that influence a sector-wide campaign, though it's still not quite clear how combat will work. One of three tiny screenshots we've got shows a top-down battle with blaster bolts flying everywhere, but developer Kabam is pushing Uprising as an RPG rather than a twitchy shooter.

We'll find out more when the game's beta rolls out "in the upcoming weeks."

Connor Sheridan

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