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Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.2 gets explosive new trailer

The latest Star Wars: The Old Republic update (opens in new tab) is live: benefits of patching include free game-time for high-level players, an adorable complementary pet, and the deep customization possibilities afforded by the game's new Legacy system. However! The incurably ADD among you will be pleased to know that there's also plenty of explosive conflict on offer – as shown in this trailer, conveniently titled “Explosive Conflict” so you don't go mistaking it for a UI tutorial.

The more thinky players among you – don't worry, we can speak freely while everyone else is distracted by 'splosions – can read more detailed information about the update over at the game's page (opens in new tab). There you'll also find a newly-launched contest (opens in new tab), exclusive to tOR players, to win a life-sized Darth Malgus figure valued at $6000. Which is an impressive prize indeed – but if this terrifying thing (opens in new tab) would look at home in your living room, please never, ever invite us over for games evenings.