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Star Wars: Lethal Alliance review

"Adventure" is a very strong word for the latest somnambulent cruise through the usual Star Wars locations

Zeeo has a few non-combat abilities, but they add little to the experience. For example, you can use it to climb up special grapple points, which takes "zeeo" hand-eye coordination. You're essentially just watching Rianna perform a series of unlikely acrobatics. Give us some risk, please! Maybe a bit of danger? You can also unleash the droid into ducts to access computer ports; the only entertainment here comes from marveling at the ducts' lame, video gamey designs.

This leaves Lethal Alliance as a very typical, very easy, slightly sloppy Star Wars shooter. The targeting system is good once you get the hang of it... maybe too good. Shooting enemies is a snap, and so is dodging thanks to Rianna's talent for crazed flipping. Combined with a very strong shield, it's really pretty hard to die outside of the odd instant kill via pits. There's a basic ad-hoc multiplayer mode, but the gameplay mechanics aren't any more interesting than they are in single-player.

More Info

DescriptionA Twi'lek spy and her floating robot sidekick team up to steal the Death Star plans.
Franchise nameStar Wars
UK franchise nameStar Wars
PlatformPSP, DS
US censor ratingTeen
Release date7 December 2006 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)