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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Ahsoka Tano lightsabers coming to Galaxy's Edge in 2021

(Image credit: Disney/EA)

Cal Kestis' lightsaber from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is coming to the real world next year.

Disney revealed the next set of merch-ready lightsabers heading to its Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge park attractions on its official website (opens in new tab), and it put Kestis' ragged but faithful weapon front and center. Kestis' weapon of choice will be the first lightsaber based on a video game to appear in Galaxy's Edge. Sorry Kyle Katarn, maybe another day (and only if they ever make you canon again).

The real-life-saber is modeled after the damaged saber that Kestis took from his fallen master as a young padawan. You can get other, less ragged-looking sabers later in the game, but this is easily the most iconic weapon from Fallen Order.

(Image credit: Disney)

Other new "legacy lightsabers" coming to Dok Ondar's shop in Galaxy's Edge include a pair of Ahsoka Tano's hilts and blades from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Count Dooku's curved saber with the pointy edge guard thingy from the prequel trilogy. Disney isn't saying how much these elegant weapons for a more civilized age will cost, but previous legacy lightsabers have come in at around $150 for the hilt.

These legacy lightsabers aren't to be confused with the custom sabers you can put together at the Savi's Workshop location in Galaxy's Edge - you could already use those parts to build a lightsaber that mirrors selections from Fallen Order.

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