Star Trek Tactical Assault screens

Monday 8 May 2006
Those captains at Bethesda have logged a selection of new screens from both the DS and PSP versions of Star Trek Tactical Assault.

This handheld title will mix shooting with strategy as players take on the whole Trek world as part of a 30-mission-long campaign mode, playing as either the Federation or the Klingons.

And how you complete each mission will affect how the game unfolds. So captains who go in all photon torpedoes blazing will uncover a different tale from those who try to talk their way out of a fight.

Seasoned commanders will also be able to alter how their ship flies and fights thanks to a points system that allows you to develop your crew's skills and add to the ship's armoury as you gain more experience in battle.

While each version has been built from the ground up to maximise each machine's technology, the WiFi powered multiplayer on both DS and PSP allows gamers to pick from warships within the Romulan, Federation, Klingon, and Gorn fleets. And once you've chosen how pointy your ears are, you can take on friends in head-to-head encounters, or engage in multi-ship battles or even cooperative attacks.

It looks like these screens are just a warning shot across the bows, so come back soon when we'll have more news on Tactical Assault once E3 opens its doors later this week.