Star Trek: Legacy

We've shot down a selection of new screenshots of Bethesda Softworks' forthcoming intergalactic blaster Star Trek: Legacy.

The game spans the entire history of the Star Trek universe, from the early days of Enterprise all the way through to Deep Space Nine and Voyager, as the federation must face a new powerful enemy that has the ability to travel through time.

Gamers command a fleet of the Federation's powerful warships through real-time space battles. The surprisingly colorful sorties will take place in a 3D, deep-space environment with fully realized planets, nebulas and wormholes. No word if you'll be able to use the sci-fi environments to your advantage (sneak attacks through a wormhole, please), but we're hoping there'll be something other than ships and asteroids floating around.

Star Trek: Legacy not only features a strong single-player game but also multiplayer options that allow gamers to go online as one of four different races - Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Borg - and take part in small skirmishes or huge battles spread across whole star systems.

Fleets can be customized once Victory Points have been earned. These enable budding admirals to select the make-up of their fleet, choosing from numerous light cruisers to ominous battleships. Individual captains can also be selected and assigned to separate vessels.

Each ship has been accurately modeled and will suffer real-time damage during battles, so keep those shields up for Legacy's fall release.

April 26, 2006