Stan Lee and Disney strike a deal!

Famed Marvel big shot and all-round personality Stan Lee is almost as much of a character as anything he’s created. So it comes as no surprise that he’s always trying to find ways to keep his brand going.

He’s just signed a deal with Disney that should lead to three films based on Lee creations. Unsurprisingly, they’re not well-known Marvel types (the company would probably have something legal to say about that), they’re Lee-owned originals.

So what’s on the slate? Richard LaGravenese has nabbed Nick Ratchet, there’s a script called Blaze being written by Next scribe Gary Goldman and Tigress (no, not the Conan one) is being penned by Zoe Green. We’d love to tell you more – and so would Stan, apparently – but they’re all being kept tightly shrouded in secrecy for now..

Meanwhile, Variety has the scant details .