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St Trinian's review

Featuring as much girl power as a Spice Girls reunion gig, this return to the infamous boarding school of the '50s movies is a feisty brew of short skirts, "am I bovvered?" attitude and nods to the film histories of its stars Rupert Everett and Colin Firth. Everett goes off the camp-o-meter, playing both headmistress Miss Fritton and her brother Carnaby, whose daughter Annabelle (Taluleh Riley) is the school's newest intake. At first she’s utterly at odds with St Trinian's chaotic community of Chavs, Emos, Geeks and mobster-like first years but she quickly embraces the school's anything-goes atmosphere. Despite being decidedly slapdash this retro revamp stays true to the anarchic spirit of the original Trinian’s movies. Ofsted inspectors can expect nightmares; everyone else will be mildly amused.

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