Square is torturing a man (maybe for a new Deus Ex)

Square Enix is teasing a new project coming from a Western studio, somehow related to the phrase 'Can't Kill Progress' and a Twitch stream of a man imprisoned in a futuristic cell. The stream is set to play out over the course of three days before it theoretically culminates in the grand reveal of a new game.

Viewers will be able to vote at various points in the "interactive reveal", presumably influencing the fate of the hapless prisoner. The stream has largely consisted of looping video of the man passed out on the floor, though he's gotten up, cursed at his unseen captors, pressed his hands to the electrified walls, been assailed with folksy classical music, and even had his jacket stolen by a man with a metallic arm. The stream is also pointing viewers toward this glitchy video, complete with an ESRB "rating pending" disclaimer.

Square Enix has offered no other clues toward what "Project CKP" may be. The sci-fi-ish logo, robot-armed-dude, and Western origin may indicate some connection with Deus Ex, not to mention the cyberpunk dystopian premise of a man imprisoned for the amusement of thousands of viewers online.

Square Enix Montreal studio head David Anfossi said in 2013 that the Deus Ex universe is set to expand significantly, including an unannounced game for new-gen systems and PC. We haven't heard or seen much more about it since then.

Of course, those connections are tenuous, and CPK could turn out to be just about anything. Heck, maybe the interactive stream itself is the game! Whatever it is, we won't know for sure until the three days are up, when the final vote is set to play out on Wednesday at 8:30 am PT / 4:30 pm UK time.

Connor Sheridan

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