Sponsored: Hitman: Sniper Challenge racks up 32 million kills, death toll continues to rise (which is a good thing)

Since Hitman: Sniper Challenge went live on May 15, online assassins have notched up an impressive 32 million kills. And we're sure every single one of them has been executed with expert, bald-headed efficiency.

The game, a pre-order incentive for Hitman: Absolution, requires players to use their deadeye sniper skills in order to take out a primary target and his 20 bodyguards. But it's not just about shooting people in the head. It's about racking up a high score in the process.

And if you're good at doing that (and are a resident of the UK) you should definitely get involved in our Hitman: Sniper Challenge, er, challenge. There are some very mmmmmmsexy prizes on offer.

You can find details of how to enter on our Hitman Sniper Challenge page.