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Split/Second shifts gears to PSP

Disney Interactive announced today that Split/Second, the reality show-based racing game that popped up on consoles and PC in May, will speed on to the PSP this holiday season with all of its over-the-top cinematic power plays in tow.

Above: Didn’t Batman blow up Axis Chemicals?

The press release indicates that all of the combat mechanics and racing options from the console release will be present in the shrunken portable version, as well as retooled controls designed specifically for Sony’s handheld device. The new version will also offer new tracks and challenges as well as a four-player local multiplayer mode.

Above: PSA: Stop texting when you drive, fool

We dugSplit/Second when it was released a few months ago, and new tracks to race on can’t hurt anybody, can it? No concrete date was nailed down, but Disney Interactive says that we’ll be blowing up buildings and detonating city streets with our wits and four wheels this holiday season.

Jul 7, 2010