Splash Damage details new Quake update

Oct 25, 2007

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars dev Splash Damage is on the verge of releasing the next big update for its game and has shoved details on what's imminent onto the interweb.

Topping the list in patch 1.2 is full voice communications support "allowing rapid and easy coordination with your team-mates".

"You can select the input and output devices independently of your speakers which allows you to use dedicated headsets and microphones, communicate on three separate channels, mute all VoIP, specific channels, or just specific players (which incidentally also cuts all bandwidth usage), set the volume and test your devices in-game", Splash Damage explains.

"There's full hardware refresh support for connecting and using USB headsets while the game is running too".

This is accompanied by improvements to game balance, refinements to Fireteams and the StopWatch play mode, improvements to the user interface, fixes and improvements for bots and finally general bug crushing.

"...it won't be long before we have the update in your hands", says Splash Damage, adding that patch 1.3 is already in development and will "feature even more improvements".

Full details on the 1.2 patchhere.

Courtesy of CVG