Spintires Guide


There are 7 vehicles to be found throughout Spintires, each with certain advantages when it comes to traversing the environment, exploring the map and lugging logs around.

We've compiled the stats for the trucks below along with some general info about each one to help you pick the right transport for the job at hand. You'll still get stuck in the mud at some point along the way though. Sorry.

The scout jeep is just that--a jeep for scouting out the terrain and exploring the map for new vehicles and resources. However, being the smallest of the available vehicles means it’s more likely to get bogged down in the mud like a metallic, horse-powered Artax to your burly Russian Atreyu so have a rescue vehicle on standby to save tears all round.

The add-on for the jeep is a repair kit for the roof rack, which will allow you to fix another vehicle by 200 repair points. Because it sits on the roof, you’ll definitely notice the extra weight, particularly when traversing the more tricksy parts of the environment.

This little truck can tow trailers and deliver short logs as well as performing well over the harsher terrains. You can also swap out the rear wheels for a chained set, ramping up its capabilities somewhat at the cost of higher fuel consumption.

For “just a truck” this little fella is super versatile. You can pretty much hook anything up to its rear, give it a smack on the tinny rump and send it on its way to repair, refuel or transport logs someplace.

Although you can adorn it with a frontal exhaust, it serves no purpose other than aesthetic and when you’re chugging your way through the harsh plains of Russia, questionable choices in the name of vanity will get you killed! Or at least weigh down the front of your truck enough that you’ll pick up extra damage with every bump you encounter.

This truck can deliver short and medium logs, can pull a couple of trailers and you can use it to refuel or repair other trucks. As well as being able to install the crane to use at secret logging areas, you can also install the garage carriage to unlock garages.

The C-6520 has speed on its side, but watch out for the low hanging front bumper that’ll make it a lot easier for you to soak up the damage from minor lumps and bumps on the ground.

The heavy delivery truck can deliver the full range of logs, as you’d expect from a vehicle so aptly named. As trucks go, it’s one of the best available due to its versatility and the fact it can carry a spare tyre for 100 repair points.

Eight humongous wheels gives the D-537 an huge advantage over its comrades, smooshing its way across the selection of maps with the ease and grace of a 19 tonne gazelle that lost its legs in a freak hunting accident and is making do by rolling through the forests, crushing everything in its path.

This is another truck that is suited to heavy haul deliveries and the more precarious rescue operations.

This beast is purely for rescue and recover ops and as such, has the ability to tow other vehicles. It’s gargantuan size means it'll steam-roll its way through muddy mires and raging rivers, dragging its cargo in its wake.

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