Spies and robots in disguise online

It must be National Footage On The Internet Day across the world, as not only is the new Spidey trailer online, but those thoughtful Sony types have also whacked up 10 clips from Casino Royale.

So if you’re one of those people who just can’t wait for the movie to hit the big screen next week and absolutely, positively have to see your big blockbusters in bite-sized chunks, then you should be clicking here for the footage nuggets. Spoilerphobes should naturally stay clear, but from what we’ve seen, there’s nothing too plot-destroying.

Also arriving on the magical Internet - though in the slightly dodgier form of a YouTube upload - is a featurette to be found lurking on the new Transformers The Movie 20th Anniversary DVD. Taking the opportunity to expose fans of the warring robots to Michael Bay’s new live-action film, Paramount/DreamWorks has shoved together a short featurette. It’s very much clips of Bay, his writers and some bloke called Steven Spielberg (he’s executive producing, apparently) extolling the cool virtues of the Transformers concept and assuring us that the film will rock. Well, the car chases will be good, apparently. And it’ll be “real”.

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