Spider-Man makes a most solemn vow as Gang War nears its brutal end

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #43
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Gang War crossover has brought chaos and carnage (though not Carnage) to New York as a multitude of villains do battle for supremacy in the city streets. It's reaching its climax in March, but before that things are going to get bloody. 

We've got an exclusive preview of next week's Amazing Spider-Man #43 below, which promises to be one heck of a battle as the rival forces square up against each other in Central Park. 

More importantly for Peter, however, one of his allies has been taken off the board. His best friend Randy Robertson was gunned down in The Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War: First Strike one-shot, taking a bullet to protect Janice Lincoln from an assassination attempt. Randy has been hospitalized ever since, but in the preview you'll see Spider-Man make a solemn vow to end the Gang War for good, so that he can return to Randy's side and wait for him to recover. 

Check out the pages in the gallery below.

The Amazing Spider-Man #43 is written by Zeb Wells, drawn by John Romita Jr., inked by Scott Hanna, colored by Marcio Menyz, and lettered by Joe Caramagna. 

Marvel's official synopsis for the new issue reads:

"The Final Fight of GANG WAR starts here! The biggest and most brutal battle in Spider-Man history starts now, so batten your hatches!!! If you thought you knew what Madame Masque or Hobgoblin or Beetle or Diamondback was capable of, THINK AGAIN!"

After this, there are just two more issues of the Gang War arc in the core Amazing Spider-Man book, though the Miles Morales: Spider-Man, and the Daredevil, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, and Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu limited series will all continue throughout February and March.

The Amazing Spider-Man #43 is published by Marvel on February 14.

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