Spider-Man 3 interview videos!

As the dust settles and San Diego slowly reverts back to normal, the buzz coming out of this year's Comic-Con is that the Spider-Man 3 junket was the highlight.

Now, we may have already given you the step-by-step low-down on what made us nod off in our seat and what made us yelp like a child on a sugar rush at this year's Con - but being the lovely people that we are, we managed to track down these vids of Sam Raimi and his cast talkin’ Spidey.

Our favourite bit? Where wall-crawler honcho Raimi admits that Sony’s plans have always been to make six Spidey instalments… If the glimpse of part three we saw in San Diego is anything to go by, watching the web-slinger for three more movies won’t be any kinda hardship.

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Source: ( IESB.net )